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Invisalign Dentist Los Angeles

Many people long for straighter teeth and an Invisalign Dentist makes that possible. Dental patients can straighten their teeth and have the smile they have always wanted without the inconvenience associated with traditional braces. This is the modern solution for busy people that want straight teeth.

Traditional braces are extremely effective for straightening teeth by moving them into the correct position. The challenge is that most patients typically wear braces for two to three years. During that time, they go to the orthodontist at least once a month. Additional steps like wearing rubber bands may be necessary, which can create further inconvenience and embarrassment if they suddenly pop out of your mouth.

There is a better way. An Invisalign Dentist can correct your teeth at their office. Invisalign will correct your teeth over time and do so without the hassle that traditional braces can cause.

Spend less time at appointments

Life is busy and few people have time to schedule regular dental visits. Invisalign is the ideal solution for people that want to have straight teeth, but have packed schedules. Once the customized aligners have been created you simply select a new one to wear every two weeks. This is done from home, not at the dentist셲 office. Checkups are usually once every six weeks, causing minimal disruption to your regular schedule.

If you are looking for an Invisalign dentist in the Los Angeles area, we encourage you to give Audrey Yoon, DDSMS a call today at 562-804-1468. A beautiful smile can make you look and feel fantastic!